Configurable platform

We work with you to choose the right sensors you need to monitor your process! It helps automatically track equipment overheating, energy consumption, the quality of the power in your grid, moisture level, etc. Deploy on the asset, in the assembly line, factory floor or data center and collect the right data.

We make sure that the automatically collected in-situ data integrates with your IT infrastructure. A wide range of wireless and wired communication technologies and network protocols are available complying with your needs in term of data-rates, latency, reliability and security needs.


The modular concept behind VESNA brings a high degree of versatility, enables fast and easy prototyping, and yet allows for cost effective implementation of units. VESNA-modular represents the first generation of the platform that was introduced in 2011. VESNA-bus is the second generation of the platform and was introduced in 2014. VESNA-embed is the third generation introduced in 2016.

Technical specifications

SNP-STM1 (4 bus interfaces, 100 pin microcontroller)

SNPN-TXE (1 bus interface, 48 pin microcontroller, Telit radio module)

SNPN-TCC (1 bus interface, 48 pin microcontroller, TI CC1101/CC2500 transceiver, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass)

SNPN-NBS (1 bus interface, 48 pin microcontroller, Nordic Bluetooth Smart transceiver, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass)

SNA-SPMC (Analog Devices power metering, on/off relay)

SNA-AQA2 (Alphasense sensors interface, supply & charger, T/H sensor interface, possibly also proximity sensor)

SNI-DBG (debugger interface)

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